Fire Spinkler System: Complete!

Word got passed along today that our brand-new fire sprinkler system is complete! While the house is currently fully protected, as soon as the alarm company installs and configures monitoring, the system will be formally tested and then signed and sealed by the City of Troy.

We are proud that, as far as we know, we are the only fraternity at RPI to install sprinklers proactively and when not required by building codes. The investment ensures safety of both brothers of the Pi Chapter and their guests.

A shoutout to Jay Webb '61, who gave a massive amount of time and effort planning, designing, and managing this project. Thank you for all you did, Jay!

Pi House Buzzes With Activity

The autumn season is winding down, winter weather is starting to make an appearance, and the brothers of Zeta Psi are hard at work for the last few weeks until winter break. Around the house, raking has been a frequent sight, as the brothers have been doing their best to get leaves cleaned up before snow starts falling. In addition, volunteer hour counts have shot up as everyone recently gave their time at the Susan Odell Taylor School, raking the entire property. On December 7, the Pi Chapter is volunteering and sponsoring a Christmas party at the Hope 7 Community Center on Pawling Avenue. Philanthropy Chair Brother Brendan Jablonski '15 has been doing a great job planning and mustering interest for all these events. The actives look to Brendan to find even more volunteer opportunities for next semester.

In addition to actives, the pledge process—taken on by nine of RPI's most upstanding men—is in its final stages, and the brothers are all very excited for the potential new members of the house. Every day brings the pledges closer and closer to each other and becoming brothers.

Many members of the RPI JV and varsity men's basketball teams are Zeta Psi brothers, also. The varsity team has their home opener this Saturday against the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Engineers (who are obviously no match for our Engineers), and then they travel to Berkeley College the following day to face the Knights.

A Note From Jeremy Colon

Hey Brothers, I had an idea for a business venture and I need enough market research data to compile some numbers and pitch it to potential investors. The website for the survey is www.smartgift.biz. You'll notice when you go to the site we mention that we're giving away a 16GB iPad 2. Not joking about that, we're literally going to pick a random person that took it and send them an iPad 2 as an incentive to take the survey.

If anyone wants some details on what I'm trying to do feel free to get in touch. Also, once you complete it there are some share buttons on the page you get redirected to. I would really appreciate it if you could post it on facebook, tweet it, etc. Lastly, you need to be registered on Facebook to take the survey. Hope everyone is doing well and hit me up if you're in Boston.


Jeremy Colon