Congratulations to Fall 2013!

Last night, the Fall 2013 pledge class was initiated at the house. Chapter role now includes: Patrick Michael Harrington '14 Zachary Francis Yakel '17 Patrick Eric Ducey '17 Samuel James Waddell '17 William David Lewis '16 Matthew Paul Haering '17 Andrew Brian Sudano '17 Sean Thomas Carey '17 Nicholas Austen Davis '17

Congratulations, men, and welcome to the family!

Pi House Buzzes With Activity

The autumn season is winding down, winter weather is starting to make an appearance, and the brothers of Zeta Psi are hard at work for the last few weeks until winter break. Around the house, raking has been a frequent sight, as the brothers have been doing their best to get leaves cleaned up before snow starts falling. In addition, volunteer hour counts have shot up as everyone recently gave their time at the Susan Odell Taylor School, raking the entire property. On December 7, the Pi Chapter is volunteering and sponsoring a Christmas party at the Hope 7 Community Center on Pawling Avenue. Philanthropy Chair Brother Brendan Jablonski '15 has been doing a great job planning and mustering interest for all these events. The actives look to Brendan to find even more volunteer opportunities for next semester.

In addition to actives, the pledge process—taken on by nine of RPI's most upstanding men—is in its final stages, and the brothers are all very excited for the potential new members of the house. Every day brings the pledges closer and closer to each other and becoming brothers.

Many members of the RPI JV and varsity men's basketball teams are Zeta Psi brothers, also. The varsity team has their home opener this Saturday against the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Engineers (who are obviously no match for our Engineers), and then they travel to Berkeley College the following day to face the Knights.

Fall ’13 Pledges Get Big Brothers

The pledgemen of the Pi Chapter of Zeta Psi met their big brothers yesterday, advancing another step on the staircase to becoming brothers themselves. The pledge–big brother pairs are as follows:

  • Zach Yakel–Josh Dugas ’15
  • Niko Davis–Ryan Belbey ’15
  • Pat Harrington–James Jakobek ’15
  • Sam Waddell–Alec Vogel ’16
  • Pat Ducey–Sean Sanford ’16
  • Matt Haering–Mike Scocozza ’16
  • Will Lewis–Brian Hatcher ’16
  • Andrew Sudano–Dan Bruce ’16
  • Sean Carey–Chase Almond ’16

All of the pledges have shown an eagerness to learn about the history of Zeta Psi and the Pi Chapter, and they are all doing quite well in the endeavor.

The Middle of the Semester

As the middle of the semester rolls around, we have found ourselves preparing for many events that all seem to be coming up fast. Tryouts for the varsity and junior varsity men's basketball teams begin this Tuesday, October 15. Sean Dempsey ’14 and Nick Keefe ’14 return as two of the captains on this year's squad. Sophomores Nash Widowski ’16 and Brian Hatcher ’16 return as the only Zeta Psi brothers who made the varsity squad as freshmen last year.

In other news, the pledge process has been underway for a few weeks now. Soon, the pledges will be given their big brothers, and they will be one step closer to becoming brothers of Zeta Psi. This year's group of guys is one of the most diverse group the Pi Chapter has had. For instance:
  • Andrew Sudano ’17 currently plays on RPI's JV football team, although he practices almost exclusively with the varsity team..
  • Sean Carey ’17 is a legacy, and Patrick Ducey ’17 is his high school friend. Sean plans to play baseball for RPI, and Pat is a runner on Rensselaer's cross country team.
  • Matthew Haering ’17 is a friend from high school of and originally brought out to the house by Brother Michael Scocozza ’16. Matt started a street hockey league while in high school.
  • Pat Harrington ’14 is a senior captain on this year's varsity basketball team and decided to pledge Zetes during his last year at RPI. Pat went to high school with Brother James Jakobek ’15.
  • Will Lewis ’16 is a sophomore student who transferred to RPI this semester trying to make his way into the varsity basketball program.
  • Zach Yakel ’17, Niko Davis ’17, and Sam Waddell ’17 are all freshmen from the New York/New Jersey area also trying to make the varsity basketball team this year.

Many pledges have even more diversity in their pasts, presents, and hopeful futures.

Next week at RPI begins Greek Week and Zeta Psi will be participating in full. Alec Vogel ’16 has volunteered to lead Zetes through the Greek Week events such as tie dye, bowling, and softball (against university faculty members).

Congratulations to the Fall 2013 Pledge Class!

image Fall 2013 pledges: (L-R) Tommy Alappat, Matt Haering, Andrew Sudano, Sean Carey, Will Lewis, Sean Sanford '16 (Asst. Pledgemaster), Dan Bruce '16 (Pledgemaster), Sam Waddell, Pat Ducey, Zach Yakel, Pat Harrington, Niko Davis, Nate Kane


11 of RPI's finest men now proudly wear the pledge pin of Zeta Psi on their chest, to be taught and led by both Daniel Bruce ’16 and Sean Sanford ’16.

The now-official pledges include:

Thomas P. Alappat of Morgantown, West Virginia Sean T. Carey of Levittown, New York Nicholas A. "Niko" Davis of Loudonville, New York Patrick E. Ducey of Levittown, New York Matthew P. Haering of Pleasant Valley, New York Patrick M. Harrington of Florence, Massachusetts Nathan L. Kane of Glenmont, New York William D. Lewis of Potomac, Maryland Andrew B. Sudano of Wilton, Connecticut Samuel J. Waddell of Williamstown, New Jersey Zachary F. Yakel of Cohoes, New York

Congratulations, gentlemen! We're thrilled to have you as a pledge class and look forward to teaching you the rites and rituals of Zeta Psi!


A bunch of Pi Zetes and pledges went to WPI this weekend to IHQ's Regional Leadership Training Institute. Here's a short recap from Daniel Bruce, one of the pledges: Over the weekend, a group of brothers and pledges from the Pi Chapter traveled to their Pi Tau counterparts' house at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts. They attended one of many annual Leadership Training Institute programs put on by Zeta Psi IHQ. After meeting brothers from the Pi Tau, Nu Delta (Marist), and Rho Alpha (MIT) chapters, the entire group split into smaller sections to attend two of six workshops. Among topics learned were identifying and correcting fringe membership and creating and managing house budgets. One of the topics, risk management, was spoken about after informing the group that, out of all industries, fraternities were the fourth most costly to insure; so much so that Zeta Psi has partnered with over 30 other fraternities to create their own insurance group. Lastly, the brothers and pledges from the Pi Chapter would like to say "thank you" to the brothers at the Pi Tau chapter for hosting this LTI.

A Word from a Pledge

The first pledge meeting for the Fall 2012 pledge class occurred last night. Here's a note from Nathan McCarthy, one of our pledges: The pledge meeting really made me feel like a member of the house. After participating in the house meeting and being inducted as a pledge, I'm proud to wear the Zeta Psi pin. I'm looking forward to the pledging process and am excited to contribute to the house.

Congratulations to the Fall 2012 Pledge Class!

The following men have signed bids and make up the Fall 2012 Pledge Class:

Chase Almond of Kingston, RI Daniel Bruce of Milford, MA Craig Fitzgerald of Winchester, MA Tyler Gruttadauria of Stratford, CT Brian Hatcher of Danbury, CT Nathan McCarthy of Wynantskill, NY Sean Sanford of Pompano Beach, FL Michael Scocozza of Poughquag, NY Alec Vogel of Muscatine, IA Nash Widowski of Macedonia, OH

We are thrilled to have these eleven gentlemen in our newest Pledge class and we look forward to teaching them the rites and rituals of Zeta Psi!

Pictures from the event can be found here:

6 New Brothers Initiated!

Six new brothers were initiated this past weekend in Troy!  Our new initiates are:

  • Oskar Ramirez '14 of Hampton Bays, NY
  • Joseph Tripodo '14 of Middletown, CT
  • Nathan Haskell '14 of Mashpee, MA
  • Sean Dempsey '14 of Wallingford, CT
  • Nathan Fiala '14 of Cleveland, OH
  • Nicholas Keefe '14 of Rensselaer, NY

Many thanks to their Pledge Master, Justin Persin '11, and his assistant, Dan Barrett '12.  Dan will be taking over as Pledge Master for the Spring 2011 class, which has just been pinned.  More details about that class to come!

A Note From the Actives

Dear Brothers, Hi, I'm Joe Novek of the Spring Class of 2009 and I'm writing this email to introduce myself as the Alumni Chair. This year we are all looking forward to the 60th Annual Alumni Weekend and it should be a great time to all those that attend. In Troy, we are all currently dealing with the snow that has been plaguing the Northeast. RPI even canceled classes on Wednesday in anticipation of the big snow storm coming from the Midwest. Luckily for us, our houseman Greg Mummah was able to find someone nearby with a Bobcat who cleared our parking lot for free.

In other news, we are soon initiating six new members to the fraternity, Nick Keefe, Joey Tripodo, Nate Haskell, Nate Fiala, Sean Dempsey, and Oskar Ramirez. They used the extra time over break to learn a lot more about the brothers and the house. Their quiz grades are doing much better than before break, and the credit should go to Pledge Master Justin Persin and Assistant Pledge Master Dan Barrett.

The basketball team is also having a good year with their current record at 10-7. Brothers that are on the team are Danny Martin, Andrew Darst, Mike Hammond, Jamie Zajac, pledge Nate Haskell, and "associate" brother Matt Pooley. Other brothers Mario Iacuone, Brenden Farley, and Redon Quello, along with pledges Nate Fiala, Sean Dempsey, and Nick Keefe played on the JV team this year. The next home basketball games are Friday the 11th against Skidmore and Saturday the 12th against UNION. If you are in town, come support the guys.

In our elections before break we elected Dodds Anderson as our new President, who was previously Vice President. Taking Dodds' place at Vice President is Greg Mummah. Secretary is now Brenden Farley. I was also elected to be Sigma Rho. House Manager, as discussed previously, is now Greg Mummah, and K-Man is still Mario Iacuone.

In closing, I look forward to working with many of you to help plan this upcoming Alumni Weekend which this year falls on the weekend of the 30th in April. I also hope to see many of you at the Alumni Weekend this year.

In TKP Joe Novek '12

Fall 2010 Pledge Class

As mentioned previously, the actives successfully pinned 8 pledges for this semester!  They are:

  • Sean Dempsey of Wallingford, CT
  • Nathan Fiala of Cleveland, OH
  • Nathan Haskell of Mashpee, MA
  • Nicholas Keefe of Rensselaer, NY
  • Stephen Kracunas of Topsfield, MA
  • Ryan Lomicka of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Oskar Ramirez of Hampton Bays, NY
  • Joseph Tripodo of Middletown, CT

We'd like to congratulate the pledges on their decision to join our fraternity.  The actives, and Justin Persin as Pledge Master, look forward to teaching them about the chapter's history, ideals, and organization.

Please join us in congratulating the pledge class by contacting them here.