John Spohn Retires as Elder Phi

During the 2016 NYSCDA of Zeta Psi Annual Board of Directors meeting some changes were made to its leadership.

John Spohn Retires as Phi

After faithfully serving as elder Phi for over 8 years, John Spohn '81 has stepped down as elder Phi and will replace Rick Kasold '70 as chairman of the board. Josh McWilliam '02 will continue the legacy of leadership left behind by John and those that preceded him by serving as the new elder Phi.

Full Slate of Officers

A full list of changes are as follows:

  • Brother Spohn would move from Phi to Chairman (relieving Brother Kasold).
  • Brother McWilliam would then become Phi.
  • Brother Cippolone would become VP of Actives, AIG Representative, Adult Advisor (relieving Brother Herman).
  • Brother Marinaro would become Sigma (relieving Brother Anderson).

Brother Bruce and Harrington would remain in their current positions. The above slate was voted on and unanimously approved, resulting in the following new set of officers:

  • John Spohn Chairman
  • Josh McWilliam Phi
  • Frank Harrington Alpha Phi (Elders)
  • Mike Cippolone Alpha Phi (Actives)
  • Pete Marinaro Sigma
  • Mike Bruce Gamma