Website Lauded for Info Tech Prestige

Recently, Elder Mike Bruce ’08 joined IHQ's Communications Board. He was told by them that the Pi Chapter excels in online presence and serves as a model for other chapters. The Pi has also been told in the past that they have the most extensive database and back end systems throughout the Zeta Psi world. This will only improve as a result of the planned telecommunications project during RPI's winter break, when the house will get completely rewired for Ethernet and coaxial cable capabilities.

Of course, none of this would be possible without Frank Harrington ’91 and Mike, who built the mailing list database, website, social media pages, and back end all pretty much on their own. Thanks, guys, and thank you to IHQ for the praise! We'd be happy to share what we know with other chapters!

Pi Chapter News

Here's a message from Frank to the email list. If you did not get the email, kindly let us know.  

Hello Brothers…

I’d like to borrow just a few moments of your time with a few reminders / announcements:

1) Mailings - You should have received the ouRPI and Alumni Weekend postcard reminder in the mail over the last few months. If you don’t recall seeing those, please send me your current mailing address and I’ll check it against our database. An online copy of the last ouRPI can be found here:

2) Alumni Weekend 2013 is not far off! April 26th – 28th ! I’ve included the schedule for your reference at the end of this email. Please make your reservations soon @ the Hilton Garden Inn – use Group Code ZPAR to get the $109 rate – don’t delay. Also, online registration is OPEN at the following URL: The upcoming ouRPI will also have details and a paper registration form as well.

3) Facebook – like our page if you haven’t already! URL is: You’ll find a ton of photos that have been uploaded and grouped into albums.

4) Donations – as always, your donations are an important part of sustaining the Pi Chapter. Brother Harvey Poppel ’58 has once again posed a challenge by matching any amount over $50 given by a member of the Class of 1997 or later. Please consider taking advantage of his generous offer!!! Visit:

ALUMNI WEEKEND 2013 – APR 26th – 28th


FRIDAY, APRIL 26TH 4PM: Golf at Brunswick Greens 6PM: Happy Hour at the Recovery Room 9PM: AW Kickoff, Open Bar, and Bowling! Uncle Sam’s Lanes, 600 Fulton Street, Troy

SATURDAY, APRIL 27TH 10AM: Annual Business Meeting at the Chapter House 12PM: BBQ at the Chapter House 2PM: Soccer Tournament at the Armory 6PM: Cocktail Hour at the Hilton Garden Inn 7PM: Banquet at the Hilton Garden Inn

SUNDAY, APRIL 28TH 10AM: Brunch at the Chapter House 12PM: Photos and Goodbyes at the Chapter House

That’s it for now! The next ouRPI should be arriving in your mailboxes within a week, so keep an eye out for that as well, and hope to see you at Alumni Weekend!

In Tau Kappa Phi…. Frank Harrington ‘91

Old Photos Being Archived

If you like us on Facebook, you may see that we've uploaded several pictures from the 1980s. We have several old photo albums that we have begun scanning and posting. They will also be stored at as uncompressed files so you can download them if you want. If you want to help caption or identify the pictures, contact us here or at Of course, let us know if you have old pictures that we can archive!

Property Documents Scanned and Uploaded

We recently scanned and collated all of Jay Webb’s documents dating back to the 1980s. This is a similar effort to what we did with Jim Ljunglin’s files last year. They are posted online at The Property folder was completely reorganized as part of this effort. Let us know if things are not intuitive or if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Website Moving!

This may be the last post before the "Rapture" so we wish everyone well. We're in the process of moving the website, email addresses, and documents from a Google Apps / free hodgepodge to a fully integrated site with paid hosting.   This should allow us to have much more flexibility with the website, share documents easier, and have better email lists and functionality.  Please keep this page bookmarked though - we aren't changing the URL or anything visible!  It's all behind-the-scenes stuff.

If anyone is interested in helping us out, please email Frank or Mike.  We always need the help!