25 Belle Avenue

Telecommunications Project Progressing

The house is currently installing new Ethernet and coaxial wiring to each bedroom in an effort to modernize the telecommunications capabilities of the chapter. Pictures of the effort can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.679158298772116.1073741837.160736730614278&type=1

The far wing is almost complete. The near wing should be completed by the end of the week, and the rest of the house should be completed in time for school to begin on 1/21/14. Thank you to the laborers and the donors for making this project possible.

Sprinkler Installation: Almost Complete!

An email came today via Jim Ljunglin '57, Jay Webb '61, and Chris Geer of Albany Fire Protection detailing that we're very close to having a complete fire sprinkler system! The installer built the riser, drain, and fire department connection yesterday, and it's planned that the dry system/anti-freeze loop will be built and tied in today. After all that is done, required tests will be completed, the alarm company will be notified to install notification sensors, and the city will inspect and certify the whole package.

Like before, as updates come in, we'll post them here!

At the House After a Summer

Editor's note: The following was written by Alpha Sigma Sean Sanford ’16. There will be regular updates from Sean and possibly Delta Dan Bruce ’16, and they will be posted on this site. If you would like to learn more about any of the updates, contact Dan at delta@pizetes.org. After a long summer, the brothers of the Pi Chapter returned to the house and were ready to get to work before another school year. Brothers Brett Cutler ’15 and Nolan Ceuch G’13 held down the fort over the summer while they were in Troy for work. More brothers started arriving to the house the first weekend on Friday and Saturday, August 16 and 17, and began setting up their rooms.

In addition to the work in individual rooms, all of near wing got completely redone because of all of the additional live-in brothers.. Two of the rooms got brand new carpet, and two got brand new paint.

Each day consists of plenty of cleaning, as the new house manager James Jakobek ’15 finds plenty of "activites" for everyone to take care of. As the guys are finish up their duties during the day, the nights bring some time to relax, work out, or play pickup, all before kicking back for the night.

Aside from getting the house ready for the year, some IHQ staff and even a brother from our Ireland chapter, Theta Omicron, stopped by for a few days and hung out with Pi Zetes.

Update No. 3: Sprinkler Installation

An email came down from above today, from Chris Geer at Albany Fire Protection, Inc., via Jay Webb ’61. Here's where the project stands:

  •  Two workers are currently installing pipe at the house.
  • The main supply pipe in the wing is complete, running from the kitchen to wing head.
  • All of the piping on the second floor is complete. All to be done is the installation of the sprinkler heads.
  • The piping to the third floor is "stubbed," or stopped off for now. The company is planning on doing the entire third floor and then finishing up the first floor.

Thanks for the update Chris and Jay! Of course, updates will be published as they come out. Stick around!

Update No. 2: Sprinkler Installation

An email sent to directors and actives from Jim Ljunglin '57 provided an update on the fire sprinkler project. Some points are listed below:

  • Work began this morning, August 6.
  • Dan, the installer, is running 2 1/2" pipe from the communications room behind the kitchen, over the ice maker, and down the wing.
  • After the supply pipe is laid out, work will begin on plumbing and installing sprinklers in the rooms.
  • While the sprinkler heads cannot be painted, the pipes, which are currently black, and the fittings, which are currently red, can and likely will be painted the next time the respective rooms are painted.

Thanks for the update, Jim!

As updates are sent out from those involved with the project, they will be posted here. Stay tuned!

Sprinkler Progress!

We only have verbal updates from Troy regarding the sprinkler installation, but we hope pictures are coming soon. The street excavation commenced this week. A medium-size backhoe dug the hole in the street and put the earth in a big dump truck. Both these are parked in the street overnight with traffic cones channeling cars down to a single lane. There are thick steel plates over the hole. The City began tapping the water main yesterday and installed a large valve on the lateral.

More to come soon!

Zetes Crush RPI's Fire and Life Safety Inspection

The house was recently inspected by a member of RPI's staff for fire protection and life safety issues. We are proud to report that we earned 274 out of 289 points for a score of 95%. The chapter missed a perfect score only because a risk management meeting on campus was missed. Great job by the Property Committee and by the Actives in keeping the house safe.

Property Documents Scanned and Uploaded

We recently scanned and collated all of Jay Webb’s documents dating back to the 1980s. This is a similar effort to what we did with Jim Ljunglin’s files last year. They are posted online at brothers.pizetes.org. The Property folder was completely reorganized as part of this effort. Let us know if things are not intuitive or if you have any suggestions for improvement.