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Here's a message from Frank to the email list. If you did not get the email, kindly let us know.  

Hello Brothers…

I’d like to borrow just a few moments of your time with a few reminders / announcements:

1) Mailings - You should have received the ouRPI and Alumni Weekend postcard reminder in the mail over the last few months. If you don’t recall seeing those, please send me your current mailing address and I’ll check it against our database. An online copy of the last ouRPI can be found here: http://public.pizetes.org/ouRPIs/2012%20Fall.pdf

2) Alumni Weekend 2013 is not far off! April 26th – 28th ! I’ve included the schedule for your reference at the end of this email. Please make your reservations soon @ the Hilton Garden Inn – use Group Code ZPAR to get the $109 rate – don’t delay. Also, online registration is OPEN at the following URL: http://alumni.rpi.edu/zetapsi2013 The upcoming ouRPI will also have details and a paper registration form as well.

3) Facebook – like our page if you haven’t already! URL is: https://www.facebook.com/pizetes You’ll find a ton of photos that have been uploaded and grouped into albums.

4) Donations – as always, your donations are an important part of sustaining the Pi Chapter. Brother Harvey Poppel ’58 has once again posed a challenge by matching any amount over $50 given by a member of the Class of 1997 or later. Please consider taking advantage of his generous offer!!! Visit: http://www.pizetes.org/donations/

ALUMNI WEEKEND 2013 – APR 26th – 28th


FRIDAY, APRIL 26TH 4PM: Golf at Brunswick Greens 6PM: Happy Hour at the Recovery Room 9PM: AW Kickoff, Open Bar, and Bowling! Uncle Sam’s Lanes, 600 Fulton Street, Troy

SATURDAY, APRIL 27TH 10AM: Annual Business Meeting at the Chapter House 12PM: BBQ at the Chapter House 2PM: Soccer Tournament at the Armory 6PM: Cocktail Hour at the Hilton Garden Inn 7PM: Banquet at the Hilton Garden Inn

SUNDAY, APRIL 28TH 10AM: Brunch at the Chapter House 12PM: Photos and Goodbyes at the Chapter House

That’s it for now! The next ouRPI should be arriving in your mailboxes within a week, so keep an eye out for that as well, and hope to see you at Alumni Weekend!

In Tau Kappa Phi…. Frank Harrington ‘91

ouRPIs Coming Soon!

We've succesfully archived 86 editions of the ouRPI!  Most were scanned from Jay Webb's collection.  Frank Harrington also provided several 2000s-era soft copies to save us some time and effort.  Thanks to Jay and Frank! Once we finish reviewing them, we'll publish the link.  Some highlights we've seen so far:

  • The estimate to construct the wing in 1958 totaled $40,000 (almost $300,000 today)
  • A picture from the Christmas party in 1960, with the same seating arrangements and decorations as the present-day Christmas parties
  • "Little Sister Patty" in 1981
  • Two classic pictures of Troll, one in 1981 and another in 2000
  • Tricky Rick's CompuServe email address from 2000

While you're anxiously waiting the publication of the archives, you can sate yourself on the list of the editions, which can be found here.  If you have an ouRPI that is not on that list, please contact Michael Bruce to arrange for it to be added to the archives.

ourPI Spring 2005 Overview

I have to admit, I’m sure this qualifies as the latest “Spring” ouRPI newsletter in the history of the Pi Chapter! My apologies up front for the tardiness of this, as a very hectic work schedule, followed by the arrival of our 2nd daughter put quite the crimp on any free time. This issue covers the news from the Spring / Summer ’05. That said, there are a few points I would like to highlight:

Alumni Weekend: As Rick mentioned, Alumni Weekend is back to the spring this year. The banquet will be held on Saturday, April 22nd at the Albany Marriott ( 189 Wolf Road, Albany – phone: 518-458- 8444 or 800-443-8952 ). Pete Marinaro is heading up this coming AW’s events. The next ouRPI in early 2006 will contain additional information, so set this weekend aside! Also, please spread the word to your fellow brothers. Give the guys you haven’t seen in a while a call and plan to meet for this year’s AW!

News and Stories: The ouRPI is only as good as the content I get from you to publish. We have over 625 Pi Elders on our mailing list, so I know there are plenty of interesting stories and events happening out there. The best ouRPI’s have been those with articles authored by the brothers remembering times from the past, re-capping regional Zete reunions, etc. Please let me know if you’d like to volunteer to write an article, or have anything newsworthy to publish. The bestway to submit is via email to: harrington@hsainc.net or, if you’d prefer, you can mail it to me at: 7431 Wilson Road, Warrenton, VA 20186-7464

Also, please pass along my contact info if you know of a brother that isn’t getting the ouRPI so we can make sure our list is kept up to date.

Website: Thanks to the efforts of Brother Claudio Caballero, we have a new website underway at the existing http://www.ourpi.org address. Under the Documents link, we’ll have the PDF versions of the ouRPI’s archived, and sections for updated News and events. Also, Claudio has enabled a Donate Online! link on the website allowing you to pay annual dues or additional donations to the Pi via credit card or drafts from your checking account. Thanks to Claudio for hosting and maintaining this for us.

That’s it for now… hope to see you in the Spring for AW!

In Tau Kappa Phi…

Frank Harrington ‘91