The Middle of the Semester

As the middle of the semester rolls around, we have found ourselves preparing for many events that all seem to be coming up fast. Tryouts for the varsity and junior varsity men's basketball teams begin this Tuesday, October 15. Sean Dempsey ’14 and Nick Keefe ’14 return as two of the captains on this year's squad. Sophomores Nash Widowski ’16 and Brian Hatcher ’16 return as the only Zeta Psi brothers who made the varsity squad as freshmen last year.

In other news, the pledge process has been underway for a few weeks now. Soon, the pledges will be given their big brothers, and they will be one step closer to becoming brothers of Zeta Psi. This year's group of guys is one of the most diverse group the Pi Chapter has had. For instance:
  • Andrew Sudano ’17 currently plays on RPI's JV football team, although he practices almost exclusively with the varsity team..
  • Sean Carey ’17 is a legacy, and Patrick Ducey ’17 is his high school friend. Sean plans to play baseball for RPI, and Pat is a runner on Rensselaer's cross country team.
  • Matthew Haering ’17 is a friend from high school of and originally brought out to the house by Brother Michael Scocozza ’16. Matt started a street hockey league while in high school.
  • Pat Harrington ’14 is a senior captain on this year's varsity basketball team and decided to pledge Zetes during his last year at RPI. Pat went to high school with Brother James Jakobek ’15.
  • Will Lewis ’16 is a sophomore student who transferred to RPI this semester trying to make his way into the varsity basketball program.
  • Zach Yakel ’17, Niko Davis ’17, and Sam Waddell ’17 are all freshmen from the New York/New Jersey area also trying to make the varsity basketball team this year.

Many pledges have even more diversity in their pasts, presents, and hopeful futures.

Next week at RPI begins Greek Week and Zeta Psi will be participating in full. Alec Vogel ’16 has volunteered to lead Zetes through the Greek Week events such as tie dye, bowling, and softball (against university faculty members).