Happy Pi Day!

Well it's March 14 again, which means it's Pi Day! So obviously, you should donate to your Pi Chapter now! Check out this page for your options:

Also, if 314 alumni donate to RPI today, two trustees will donate $25K each to the Annual Fund. If you have extra disposable income after donating to the Pi Chapter, why not send RPI some money too? Information is here:

Beta Tau House Fire Update

Hi Brothers: You may or may not be aware that the Beta Tau House at Tulane was destroyed by a fire on Sunday morning.

The following is taken from an email from Will Woldenberg, VP of the Tulane Association of Zeta Psi:

I have never been more proud than to be associated with the Zeta Psi Fraternity as I am now.

On Monday afternoon, we set up an immediate checking account and PayPal to ensure that we could immediately help our seven (7) brothers who lost all of their possessions in the fire to rapidly resume their student lives.

We set a goal of raising $5,600 by October 24th. Within 48 hours of establishing our PayPal account we raised over $10,000 from the overwhelming support of more than 100 Zetes and our friends.

All of that money – every single dollar – will go those 7 brothers in need. With your donations, you have helped to change the lives of students whom many of you have never met. You’ve shown the Beta Tau Chapter that the bonds of brotherhood are greater than the wisps of familiarity.

It’s now time for the Elders and Actives of the Beta Tau Chapter to focus on the difficult task of rebuilding our home. The brothers of Zeta Psi have been instrumental in helping Beta Tau return from tragedy before - and in the spirit of brotherhood, we need your help again.

Instead of utilizing PayPal, please click on the following link, which will lead you to the donation page for the Tulane Zeta Psi Relief Fund.

With a donation of only $25, you can help move closer to our overall goal of the estimated $30,000 that we need to rebuild our home.

If you would rather donate by check or any other method, please email Will Woldenberg at

Our chapter is resolute and dedicated. We are all driven by a single purpose. We will rebuild our house. Please lend us your support and help Beta Tau rebuild.

Sincerely and In Tau Kappa Phi,

Will Woldenberg Vice-President Tulane Association of Zeta Psi

What do you say Pi Zetes??? Let's give them some help!

Elders Spur New Donations

As many of you know, it would be nearly impossible to keep up with the ongoing maintenance and physical improvements to 25 Belle Ave without the generous financial support of the Pi Elders. This past year, several Pi Elders stepped up and actively put forth challenges to increase annual dues & donations.

Brother Ed Etess ’59 put forth a massive effort to track down several missing Zetes, and Ed also funded a survey of the entire Elder brotherhood. These results have provided valuable insight and new ideas for improving operations, communications, fundraising, etc.

Harvey Poppel '58 challenged all classes from 1992 forward in the period December 2006 to Alumni Weekend. Fourteen elders in these classes gave a total of $1585 in that timeframe. Harvey's idea was to cultivate the habit of annual giving among the recent graduates, and wrote each of the donors to thank them and encourage their continuance.

Ivan Smith '67 also challenged the class of 1961. Five of those brothers gave a total of $2800 in the 06-07 year for yet another successful outcome!

The end result was a very successful ’06-’07 donation year with a total inflow of $17,213. A special thanks to the brothers above, and those who responded to the challenges and the survey. May the challenges continue!