ourPI Spring 2005 Overview

I have to admit, I’m sure this qualifies as the latest “Spring” ouRPI newsletter in the history of the Pi Chapter! My apologies up front for the tardiness of this, as a very hectic work schedule, followed by the arrival of our 2nd daughter put quite the crimp on any free time. This issue covers the news from the Spring / Summer ’05. That said, there are a few points I would like to highlight:

Alumni Weekend: As Rick mentioned, Alumni Weekend is back to the spring this year. The banquet will be held on Saturday, April 22nd at the Albany Marriott ( 189 Wolf Road, Albany – phone: 518-458- 8444 or 800-443-8952 ). Pete Marinaro is heading up this coming AW’s events. The next ouRPI in early 2006 will contain additional information, so set this weekend aside! Also, please spread the word to your fellow brothers. Give the guys you haven’t seen in a while a call and plan to meet for this year’s AW!

News and Stories: The ouRPI is only as good as the content I get from you to publish. We have over 625 Pi Elders on our mailing list, so I know there are plenty of interesting stories and events happening out there. The best ouRPI’s have been those with articles authored by the brothers remembering times from the past, re-capping regional Zete reunions, etc. Please let me know if you’d like to volunteer to write an article, or have anything newsworthy to publish. The bestway to submit is via email to: harrington@hsainc.net or, if you’d prefer, you can mail it to me at: 7431 Wilson Road, Warrenton, VA 20186-7464

Also, please pass along my contact info if you know of a brother that isn’t getting the ouRPI so we can make sure our list is kept up to date.

Website: Thanks to the efforts of Brother Claudio Caballero, we have a new website underway at the existing http://www.ourpi.org address. Under the Documents link, we’ll have the PDF versions of the ouRPI’s archived, and sections for updated News and events. Also, Claudio has enabled a Donate Online! link on the website allowing you to pay annual dues or additional donations to the Pi via credit card or drafts from your checking account. Thanks to Claudio for hosting and maintaining this for us.

That’s it for now… hope to see you in the Spring for AW!

In Tau Kappa Phi…

Frank Harrington ‘91