Elders Spur New Donations

As many of you know, it would be nearly impossible to keep up with the ongoing maintenance and physical improvements to 25 Belle Ave without the generous financial support of the Pi Elders. This past year, several Pi Elders stepped up and actively put forth challenges to increase annual dues & donations.

Brother Ed Etess ’59 put forth a massive effort to track down several missing Zetes, and Ed also funded a survey of the entire Elder brotherhood. These results have provided valuable insight and new ideas for improving operations, communications, fundraising, etc.

Harvey Poppel '58 challenged all classes from 1992 forward in the period December 2006 to Alumni Weekend. Fourteen elders in these classes gave a total of $1585 in that timeframe. Harvey's idea was to cultivate the habit of annual giving among the recent graduates, and wrote each of the donors to thank them and encourage their continuance.

Ivan Smith '67 also challenged the class of 1961. Five of those brothers gave a total of $2800 in the 06-07 year for yet another successful outcome!

The end result was a very successful ’06-’07 donation year with a total inflow of $17,213. A special thanks to the brothers above, and those who responded to the challenges and the survey. May the challenges continue!