2007 Spring Actives Report

The Spring 2007 semester was a huge success for the Pi Chapter. The semester began with low numbers in the house, as two sophomore brothers did not continue their education at RPI. Nonetheless, the actives forged ahead and initiated eleven brothers of the Fall 2006 class in February. We congratulate them again.

The actives then initiated a fine trio of men in April: Ed Reis, Jeremy Crouse, and Paul Vavonese. We welcome into the circle of Zeta Psi our first Spring class since 2002. The addition of these brothers raises our Fall 2007 occupancy significantly from the spring. Every one of these men will bring fresh ideas and much-needed energy to the brotherhood in the fall. Also, we are grateful for their willingness to live in double rooms in the fall.

The Pi sent six representatives to the Leadership Training Institute at the Tau Chapter at Lafayette, PA, including four newly initiated brothers from the Fall 2006 class. The representatives brought back much insight and fresh ideas about risk management, recruitment, and other aspects of chapter operations. The Pi is considering hosting one of these IHQ-sponsored events in Troy next year, so stay tuned for news.

The chapter threw the third annual Zeta Psi Tsunami party in February, and another great dance party at the end of March. Fear not, our reputation as one of the best social chapters on campus is cemented for at least another year. The very mention of “Zeta Psi” within the confines of the Capital District makes ladies swoon and Pikes run for shelter. Improvements to the basement that are planned to be completed over the summer will lower our risk and liability and increase the condition of the first floor common areas.

Alumni weekend was held in April and it was a great success. The actives had an awesome time at the banquet and met a lot of alumni that have not been seen around Belle Avenue in a few years. I would like to thank the alumni as a whole for sponsoring the event; there are too many alumni volunteers to name every single one. Hopefully, our graduating seniors will make it back to Troy next year.

Zeta Psi is represented on the varsity lacrosse, varsity basketball, and varsity soccer teams. There are Zetes in Hillel, and Zetes helping the community with Habitat for Humanity. The chairman of RPI’s Greek Judicial Board is a Zete. Zetes are considering running for GM, PU, and IFC E-Board positions. Two newly-graduated Zetes are now working on Wall Street. The Pi Chapter is furthering the good name of Zeta Psi like never before.

In Tau Kappa Phi,

Michael Bruce ‘08