'65 Pi Zetes Hit Atlantic City, NJ

Over the years, the Pi class of ’65 has not had much success in getting together since we left the Tute. So 40 years after graduation, some of us decided to just do it! In mid-May, Mel and Shirley Gumpert, Dick and Patti Linn, Ed and Karen Smolinski and Jay and Carla Stolzenthaler spent a couple days and nights renewing old acquaintances in Atlantic City, NJ. Mel and Ed have retired. Jay is still working but he will pick a date in 2006 to give it up. Dick has a lifetime appointment on the US Federal Court of Appeals but he is jealous about the rest of us. Steve Strungis continues to work on residential renovations with his son in Charlotte. NC. Rich and Janet Schlumpf have recently relocated to Miami. They have a thirty something foot boat on a canal that opens into Biscayne Bay. Rich still works long days as a construction super with Turner – his new specialty is building parapets to protect the condos from the invading hoards of boat people. Nick Kolak has also retired from his job with NY State but he and Patty were tied up with some construction at their home. Carl and Barbara Cangello live outside of Syracuse. Carl says he will be working forever (as a quality specialist) and he is also doing consulting outside of his regular employment with Lockheed Martin.

We had such a great time we are planning to do it again on May 10 – 12, 2006 in Atlantic City. Thanks to Mel for taking the lead on the planning and to Karen for suggesting that we all share sex on the beach. We expect a better turnout next year and we will be looking for more exotic locations (like Miami) in the future.

- submitted by Jay Stolzenthaler '65