Convention Was A Blast!!

The Convention was awesome! As you may have saw, we were posting pictures throughout the event from our "Magic Phones" (as Tricky Rick calls them). Colton Anderson '12, Arthur Chen '12, and Joe Novek '12 arrived Wednesday afternoon to represent the Active chapter. Nolan Ceuch '12 and Justin Persin '12 arrived later and enjoyed two great nights in the Big Apple (and Jersey City). John Spohn '81, Rick Kasold '71, Michael Bruce '08, Russell Herman '06, and James Patrick Devlin '08 all made appearances on behalf of the Elders. We hope all of the Actives and Elders got a lot out of the LTIs, forums, and networking opportunities.

Of course, Lauck Walton '84, the Phi Alpha, attended the entire Convention with his family. Brother Walton was lucky enough to preside over one of the more contentious Grand Chapter Meetings in recent history. The Pi Zete delegation felt railroaded by some decisions made by IHQ and made their displeasure known at the meeting. Do not fret though, we will work out our issues in a civilized manner!

Rumor has it that the Pi Chapter has the Torch of Zeta Psi. No Pi Zete has confirmed this.

Enjoy some pictures by clicking here! More pictures will be posted soon.