Meet the Elders

What's your name?Frank Harrington

What's your current town? Warrenton, VA

What is your current occupation? I'm a senior software engineer; I've owned my own business for about 13 years. We primarily work on federal contracts.

When did you graduate from RPI? 1991

When did you pledge Zeta Psi? Why did you choose to join? Who is your big brother? I pledged in 1987. They were (still are!) the coolest guys in Troy! A great group of Actives in the house, diverse but very close group. I could tell right away these would be the guys I'd have as close friends for life. My big brother is Joe Polewarczyk.

What is your favorite memory from your undergraduate years? Work week, initiations, road trips, intramural hockey games, and just "hanging out" at the house.

What house positions did you hold as an active? Phi, Alpha Sigma, SC member

What is your favorite part about returning to the chapter house? Catching up with the "old" guys, and meeting younger Elders and actives.

What brothers do you still keep in contact with? Several from around my years - Glenn Anderson, Al Hobbs, Tom Huber, Craig Brown, Lauck Walton, Craig Demko, Tom Mulcahy, etc. Also keep in touch via Facebook.

What are some of your hobbies? Playing guitar (acoustic & electric), fishing, home remodeling, and all kinds of kids activities with our two girls.

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Finally, what's your favorite beer? Sam