Meet the Elders

What's your name?Glenn Anderson

What's your current town? Longmeadow, MA

What is your current occupation? I am a software consultant.

When did you graduate from RPI? 1991

When did you pledge Zeta Psi? Why did you choose to join? Who is your big brother? I pledged in Fall 1987. (Editor's note: we can't share the story here, contact Glenn for the details). My big brother is Bob Kogut.

What is your favorite memory from your undergraduate years? Dancing in the living room to "We are the champions" after we swept the Fall IFC sports on the way to our first of three consecutive Barker trophy wins. So many other memories could be considered here, this is just the first one that came to mind.

What house positions did you hold as an active? Ritual chairman

What is your favorite part about returning to the chapter house? Pretending I'm back in college again for one weekend a year.

What brothers do you still keep in contact with? Mostly the other directors, Al Hobbs, Kevin Smith. See others very occasionally, Craig Brown, Bob Land, Brian Sparks, Dwight Drumtra, the Alumni Weekend regulars.

What are some of your hobbies? Used to do a lot of triathlons before our daughter was born last year. Still run and ride, but far less than before. Repair broken vintage watches. Fantasy football (currently destroying the younger elders in our Yahoo league).

Coke or Pepsi? Coke

Finally, what's your favorite beer? Miller