A Note from the Actives

Brothers, The Fall 2010 semester has begun and things are getting back to normal at 25 Belle Ave. Last week we had our annual Work Week and much was accomplished around the house, most notably building a fire pit in the backyard. Classes have also just begun, so we are all getting back into the groove as far as schoolwork goes. Also, Rush just started a few days ago and we are hoping for a big class as we have already talked with 10+ kids who have shown a good interest in joining the house. We feel we have a very solid schedule this month during Rush to try to attract a lot of kids to come out to the house and have a good time and, ultimately, pledge and become brothers. It has been a smooth start to the year and we feel it will continue throughout the semester

Always in Tau Kappa Phi, Brendan Farley '13 Alpha Sigma