Update from Troy

The end of the Spring 2010 semester has been quite hectic, and we're sorry for not updating for a while.  First of all, we'd like to congratulate the following Zetes for graduating from RPI on May 29:

  • Michael Bruce
  • Jeremy Colon
  • Steve Thomas
  • Joseph Brust
  • Tim Plante
  • Eric Anderson
  • Tim Rupp
  • Ed Reis
  • Jeremy Crouse

All of those guys had successful academic careers, and each has contributed in his own way towards furthering the good name of Zeta Psi.

There is also much work being done to the property.  Currently, the chapter house's electrical system is being upgraded.  Each room on the second and third floors will have its own circuit, and the third floor circuit breaker has been upgraded.  In addition, one wall in each second and third floor bedroom will have a plug-in strip with at least six connections to avoid the need for power strips and extension cords.  The electrical requirements of the actives has increased greatly since 1951, with computers, TVs, and refrigerators replacing desk lamps and transistor radios, so this project will allow the residents to enjoy a safer, more convenient living space.

There is also a lot of carpentry work taking place.  Six third floor windows are being replaced, and Azek will be used for the sill and outside trim.  Also, the center section of the basement ceiling is being replaced, and the floor is being repaired.  The sills and insides of the dining room window frames are to be sanded, stained, and sealed.  The front door is to be replaced.  Finally, exterior soffits and trim will be repainted as necessary.

The library is being renovated.  Furniture will be installed in August, and the actives will finally enjoy a quiet area to hit the books.

Finally, extensive landscaping has been completed.  The chapter house's grounds look beautiful now, and the neighbors are quite happy.