25 Belle Ave Renovations

As many of you may know, Brother Rick Case has been our Elder “House Manager” for the past few years now. He has put countless hours into soliciting bids for repair work and upgrades, as well as rolling up his sleeves and putting a lot of his own “sweat equity” back into the house. Heck, he’s even made his own kids work on the house! As Jay Webb will attest, this is a very difficult and time consuming job (which is why I think Jay asked Rick to take it over around 2am one Alumni Weekend – and Rick agreed).

Unfortunately there isn’t enough space to print the pictures of the improvements in this issue (which include a rebuilt roof / railings off from the library, new fascia / gutters, new outside wing sheathing & painting, etc. So, you’ll just have to come back for Alumni Weekend to see for yourself.

Kudos to Rick for doing such a great job.