Zetes Cross the Border for 2014 Convention

The 2014 international convention was held August 20-23rd in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Niagara Falls, Ontario. Both the US and Canadian sides of the falls are hopping tourist areas, but the Canadian has the better view whichhalf the hotel guests get from their rooms. Despite
concerns about passports, for the first time in years all 50active chapters were represented. The leadership training sessions were attended by Sam Waddell ’17 and elder president John Spohn ’81. The board meetings were attended by Lauck Walton ‘84,  member of the international executive committee. Rick Kasold ‘70 and Jim Ljunglin ‘57 arrived in time for the social events.

The Grand Chapter meeting, displaying the regalia, was impressive in the large ballroom with 185 brothers counted. It was reported that 836 students had been initiated in the last year, a record. As usual, several new and reactivating campuses are under development on both sides of the border and both sides of the Atlantic. The new Phi Alpha is Barth Gillan, Alpha Psi (McGill) ’85. The Pi Tau chapter at Worcester, deciding that they want to travel too, will sponsor the 2015 convention in Las Vegas.

The black-tie GC banquet was packed due to a large attendance from the greater Toronto and southeast Ontario regions. The banquet highlight for the Pi was the granting of the Admiral James J. Carey Leadership Award to Lauck for his continuing service to the International,
the Pi, the Phi Epsilon at Maryland, and elsewhere.