What's New at the House?

The Actives would like to share what they've been up to over the last couple of months. Over half the house and 10 pledges went to a Zeta PSI LTI (leadership training) meeting at WPI in October. We hosted the Nu Delta Chapter twice: once for a regular weekend and once for their initiation. Weekly Gamma reports have been very well organized and accurate, and the house manager is doing a great job keeping the house clean despite reduced numbers. A Spring Pledge has already been identified, and we hope to bid a few more to round out our roster for next Fall. Everyone is doing their share, and even more, to keep the house running.

Our work outside the house is also going well. Pledges and Actives both raked leaves at Prospect Park and the Susan Odell Taylor School. We attended Pi Beta Phi's charity wing fest and helped them set up their Christmas decorations. The Chapter placed 2nd in IFC Soccer.

There is a sense of camaraderie that each brother feels towards each other and the house, and the guys are all working hard to rebuild the Chapter.