Meet the Elders

What’s your name?Ronald U. Dolfi

What’s your current town? I'm from Houston, TX.

What is your current occupation? I'm a geophysicist.

When did you graduate from RPI? I graduated in 1977 and in 1982.

When did you pledge Zeta Psi? Why did you choose to join? Who is your big brother? I pledged in 1971,  I got along really great with almost all of the brothers.  The first time I walked into my future big brother’s room, he had a piece of provolone cheese the size of a bowling ball and he was drinking beer out of a kitchen pot.  My big brother is Mike Marian.

What is your favorite memory from your undergraduate years? Pledge classes, driving to the TIT, initiation, living at the house over the summer, hanging with the brothers.

What house positions did you hold as an active? Alpha Phi, rush chairman, pledge master, summer Phi.

What is your favorite part about returning to the chapter house? Meeting the actives and seeing my friends.

What brothers do you still keep in contact with? Gagas, Toltz, Kaeli, Kovalcik, Jones, Lautman, Marian, Warner, etc. There’s a bunch more.

What are some of your hobbies? Tai Chi, wine, food, war games (FPS and strategy), music.

Coke or Pepsi? Coke (what’s “Pepsi”?)

Finally, what’s your favorite beer? Carlsberg