Update from the Active Chapter.

Dear Fellow Brothers, First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who attended the 59th annual Alumni Weekend. I think it was a great success, and I had a great time! Though I did help plan from the actives side, a huge shout out needs to be given to the following brothers: Mike Bruce, Frank Harrington, Glenn Anderson, and Jim Ljunglin, who all did an outstanding job organizing/carrying out this event.

Secondly, this past weekend, two more brothers joined our sacred circle at approximately 3 AM Sunday. After months of pledging and a week of limited sleep, both of these fine men are ecstatic in becoming brothers and relieved in finishing their pledge process. Justin Persin, the current pledgemaster, ran a fairly smooth process that I feel has benefited our society as a whole. The two newly initiated brothers are as follows: Dan Barrett hailing from Dedham, MA and Gregory Mummah hailing from Barnet Valley, PA. Congratulations to the both of you.

In other news, the Pi chapter is an a telling time with numbers low, the most important rush in a while, and mixed attitudes of how the future will turn out. I believe the Pi chapter will continue to see great days after the current class of graduating seniors leaves. At the moment, Zachary Soens, Kyle Gleken, and other actives are in the midst of combining their thoughts with a elder committee that should result in success. Also congratulations to the following seniors who are moving on/graduating from undergraduate school:

Steve Thomas - Chemistry, Graduate School at Columbia Jeremy Colon - Economics/Mathematics - Actively pursuing a job John Behmer - Computer Systems and Computer Engineering -Co-terminal program at RPI Sam Nataro - Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering - Co-terminal program at RPI Ed Reis - Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering - possible Co-terminal program at RPI Jeremy Crouse - Mechanical Engineering - Actively pursuing a job Tim Rupp - Management - pursuing a job or might play basketball in Europe Eric Anderson - Management - Actively pursuing a job Joe Brust - EMAC - Actively pursuing a job Tim Plante - Biomedical Engineering - Continued school in chiropracticing

Coming to a close this school year, Zetes had a rough start in the IFC league in the fall, but ended up getting 3rd place in the race for the barker. Events this semester included: volleyball, racquetball, billiards, ping pong, and basketball Justin Persin did a fine job as sports chairman in getting able bodied people to attend these events.

Elections also occurred this past Sunday and are as follows:

Risk Manager: Jamison Zajac House Manager: Dodds Anderson Kitchen Manager: Nolan Ceuch Sports Chairman: Justin Persin Community Service: Dan Barrett Scholarship: Gregory Mummah Composite: Rob Hoy Rush: Soens and Gleken

In regards to my continued position as house manager, I'm open to any ideas alumni or actives have in improving the house. Please let me know any problem areas/spots in the house or policies implemented.

I wish you all the best of luck in whatever you are doing whether it be finals, jobs, or just living life. I also look forward to seeing/meeting even more brothers at the big 60.

In TK?,

Dodds Anderson '12