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Mar 23 2015

We’re Back!

Back up and running…

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Jul 17 2014

Alumni Weekend 2015 Page Active!

Check out http://www.pizetes.org/aw/ for all of the news regarding AW 2015!

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Oct 23 2013

PiZetes.org Lauded for Info Tech Prestige

Recently, Elder Mike Bruce ’08 joined IHQ’s Communications Board. He was told by them that the Pi Chapter excels in online presence and serves as a model for other chapters. The Pi has also been told in the past that they have the most extensive database and back end systems throughout the Zeta Psi world. …

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Feb 26 2013

Pi Chapter News

Here’s a message from Frank to the email list. If you did not get the email, kindly let us know.   Hello Brothers… I’d like to borrow just a few moments of your time with a few reminders / announcements: 1) Mailings – You should have received the ouRPI and Alumni Weekend postcard reminder in …

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Jan 13 2013

Old Photos Being Archived

If you like us on Facebook, you may see that we’ve uploaded several pictures from the 1980s. We have several old photo albums that we have begun scanning and posting. They will also be stored at brothers.pizetes.org as uncompressed files so you can download them if you want. If you want to help caption or …

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Nov 02 2012

Property Documents Scanned and Uploaded

We recently scanned and collated all of Jay Webb’s documents dating back to the 1980s. This is a similar effort to what we did with Jim Ljunglin’s files last year. They are posted online at brothers.pizetes.org. The Property folder was completely reorganized as part of this effort. Let us know if things are not intuitive …

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Sep 28 2012

2012 Composite Now Online!


Download it by clicking here or view it below.      

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Sep 27 2012

New Facebook Site

We’ve obtained www.facebook.com/pizetes, so now all of your Pi Chapter news can be found with one moniker.  We’re also moving our photos from Flickr over to Facebook, so keep looking for those (and some new ones).

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Feb 20 2012

Actives Receipts and Meeting Minutes Posted

Visit brothers.pizetes.org to review (contact us for login information).

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Jan 17 2012

Forgot the Facebook Event….

Check it out here! https://www.facebook.com/events/276938179025268/

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Dec 01 2011

Nice Try

Another hacker tried to take us down but to no avail. Thanks to Elton Kaufmann ’64 for helping us fix it!

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Jul 20 2011

Broken Links

Broken links will be denoted by a strikethrough, which looks like this. If you come across a link that is struckthrough and you REALLY want to access the content behind the broken link, please contact the webmaster for help. (Yes, we are trying to fill the slow summer news cycle with this stuff…. stay tuned …

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Jul 18 2011

Back Up!

We’re back up and running! The website looks a bit different, but all of the functions are back online. Check out the “links” tab above for links to documents, webmail, and the calendar.

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Jul 13 2011


Someone hacked our site and took it down for a few days.  We are currently rebuilding, but it’s a big job, especially without a dedicated IT staff.  Keep checking back for details!

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May 27 2011

Website Update

Sorry for the lack of posts.  We’re a few days away from migrating over to the new system.  The website may go down for a few days.  Rest assured, we’ll be back before you know it, so stay tuned!

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